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FAQ: Video

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Did you know we offer videography? Photos are wonderful, and they look amazing hanging around the house but there is something about moving pictures which is so special.

While photos are great, you will probably only look at the 4-5 you print out and display regularly. Even if you were to look through the entire gallery of several hundred images it would take forever! When you book with me, you will receive a few different films:

- A Cinematic Video, 3 - 5 minutes long, short enough to share the magic (perfect for social media)

- 30+ minute Highlight Reel with lots of extended footage from your big day.

- Ceremony and Speeches recorded, conditions permitting

I'm a one woman team, so in between photos I take snippets of film and stitch them together. Nothing too fancy or technical just another way to record you precious memories. Because I am doing both, I always prioritize photography. Your first kiss will always be in a photo, and walking down the isle will mainly be photos too. Some creatives in the industry record film most of the day and then take stills from their videos as the photographs. I prefer my method because:

- The photographs you receive are of much higher quality and

- Your photos and videos are 2 separate records of your wedding day. Some things happen that I only capture as video and vice versa which IMO is really nice

I have been behind the lens for over 10 years, and involved in weddings for 6 but I'm still learning all about the physics of sound. I can set up an extra tripod to record your ceremony and speeches however I am still mastering my microphone equipment so cannot guarantee sound.

- I have a mic I use on the stand alone camera

- I also am able to mic up your celebrant and capture the sound that way

- If worst comes to worst, we can record your vows and overlay it

The Formal Stuff

- 3-5 minute cinematic video

- 30 + minute extended highlight reel reel

Ceremony and Speeches can be recorded (conditions permitting).

Includes travel within 1 hour from Christchurch city

$  600 with Photography Cover

$1100 without Photography Cover

If you want to watch some of my videos, you can find the most recent ones here on my website, and some older ones on Youtube HERE.

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