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Lana + Iain | Ohoka, Christchurch | Photo + Video

Updated: Aug 7

Lana and Iain are managed to find each other from worlds apart, they are two super cool humans. Not only are they are great match as a couple, but their families get on like a house on fire! What a laid back day full of belly laughs, tears and tradition. How good does Iain look in his kilt?

Lana and Iain decided to go for my most popular package (well my only package haha!) "Totally Covered" which means I was on both photo and video. When I am doing both, I will always prioritize photography and take snippets of moving footage in between. The package comes with 2 videos: a cinematic video like below as well as a more comprehensive, 20-30 minute extended video. Check out the short cinematic video, perfect for social media as well as a selection of my favorite images from the day below:

Published in the Wandering Photographer Magazine
Featured on Green Wedding Shoes
Finalist in the Shoot and Share competition

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