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Ashley + Brian | Elopement | Mt Ruapehu, North Island

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Ashley and Bryan decided to elope here in little ol' New Zealand. They came all the way from sunny California and choose to get married under Mt Ruapehu and had their first dance under Mt Doom (or Ngauruhoe for us locals). They said that the food here tastes extra amazing and the locals are super friendly. Ashley and Bryan bought both their outfits with them all the way from the states, thats dedication. I love their timeless style.

They are super adventurous and we ventured to mountain tops, found hidden waterfalls and got lost in the forest. It was beautiful! Elopements allow for so much more freedom to explore when trying to capture the perfect image because we are not worried about the time! I usually book out the whole day so we can chase light across our beautiful country.

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